It has come time for our business to make a decision that I wished didnít have to be done, but it must.  As most of you may know we are a family owned and operated small business. Something has come up in our family lives that will take us out of the country, and as we see it now, for an unknown period of time.  During this time we have to vacate the building that we are currently located in and therefore we will lose our FFL and SOT. In Florida, at least the county we are in, the addresses listed on the licenses must be at a commercial location.


We regret to inform everyone but any production or product manufacturing has stopped as of November 1st and no new products will be made.  I now a lot of people were waiting on mag blocks but weíre just not able to get them done in the time we have left in making this change. Our time out of the country will likely be 3 years.  At which time when we return, our facility will be moved somewhere in Wyoming and we will pick up our services again.† During this time we will retain the web address and email account.


Were sorry for the inconvenience but itís a decision that has to be made.

Thanks again for your support of our family operated small business,


Dave Cooke